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Ulysse Nardin is a Swiss luxury watch company with a long history of excellence. The company was founded in 1846 by its namesake, Ulysse Nardin, a man trained in watch-making first by his father, Leonard-Frederic Nardin, and later by some of the most accomplished watchmakers in Neuchatel Switzerland. Since that time, Ulysse Nardin has won 18 international gold medals and 4,300 first prizes in chronometric distinction. Though the company has produced remarkable complications of all kinds, Ulysse Nardin is best known for their marine chronometers, which have become collectors' items around the world and have been used in the navies of over 50 different countries.
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Ulysse Nardin Womens Related News

  • GPHG 2015 - Round Table: Tourbillon

    David Chokron, WorldTempus contributor
    Precision of the movement's going rate is the of the tourbillon. But it needs to be given the resources to achieve it. Aside from its accomplished level of regulation, Bovet's Amadeo Fleurier Braveheart® tourbillon has a special kind of tourbillon. In order to make it as light as possible, it has a unique, non-annular balance, made entirely of aluminium. It is not a complete wheel but an ultra-light tripod that holds the hairspring, which is cylindrical, has two terminal curves and is produced entirely in-house by Bovet. The tourbillon is held inside a superb bell-shaped cage with three curved supporting bridges in steel that accommodate the height of the spring.

    The Braveheart has a power reserve of 22 days, which has a direct influence on its precision. This huge autonomy comes not from an increase in the power of the movement but from its sobriety. Everything is lighter, more energy-efficient and therefore more effective. As a result, the Braveheart has a maximum variation in going rate in different positions of four seconds per day, which is exceptional. Experts will be even more impressed by the fact that the balance loses only 10 degrees of amplitude between the horizontal and vertical positions, which is testament to an unparalleled level of balance and movement design.

    Paul O'Neil, WorldTempus editor-in-chief
    Although the competition is tough, notably from the Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Vision, Bovet's Amadeo Fleurier Braveheart® tourbillon has been one of the stand-out watches of 2015 for me. On the one hand there is the familiar airiness and beautiful decoration you see in every Bovet timepiece but on another, more hidden, level is the incredible amount of research and innovation that has gone into this piece (see above), notably to ensure a power reserve of 528 hours (22 days). The three-in-one concept of the reversible case and its double-sided time displays are the icing and the cherry on the cake respectively.

    Olivier Muller, WorldTempus contributor
    It's rare for a timepiece to stand out effortlessly in its class, but that's precisely the case when it comes to the Ulysse Anchor Tourbillon, compared to other watches of the same category. Ulysse Nardin's take on this tourbillon is an essentialist one, seeing it as a regulating organ - to which the firm has accordingly devoted all its relevant expertise. The piece is the fruit of eight years' worth of R&D, at a level unrivalled by anyone else: using the flexible guiding system to absolute perfection, scaling new heights in energy efficiency, and dispensing with the usual problems of lubrication and performance in one fell swoop.

  • Ulysse Nardin - Moonstruck in full view

    5 October 2009
    Meeting Ludwig Oechslin, Pierre Gygax, Lucas Humair, and four other watchmakers from Ulysse Nardin's talented horological team at the Geneva airport on September 23 was no accident: it was quite planned for everyone to get "moonstruck" together the following day on the Côte d'Azur's sunny coast along with other key members of the Le Locle-based company's team such as owner Rolf Schnyder, PR head Susanne Hurni, U.S. president Patrik Hoffmann, and other key members of the familial Ulysse Nardin team.
    Gravity effects
    The most logical place for this to take place, of course, was the phenomenal Nice observatory, a research institute steeped in astronomical history and today merged with CERGA - Centre de Recherches en Geodynamique et Astrometrie- to form the Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur.
    The Moonstruck model was right at home here, as this newest member of Ulysse Nardin's exceptional astronomical line could almost be considered a scientific instrument itself. The basic premise of Moonstruck—alongside displaying the time—is to depict the effects of gravity on the earth. Gravity, as Dr. Diana Valencia of the observatory explained, is not only created by the earth's most famous satellite—the moon—but also by the sun. Hence, the Moonstruck model simulates the rotation of the moon around the earth - in center of dial - as well as the earth-centric appearance of the sun as it "travels around" the blue planet. Both are simulated by disks making one full rotation every 24 hours. Thus the current moon phase can be determined in relation to any given earth-bound location—a moon phase that would, by the way, be accurate for 70 years were the watch to run continuously for this amount of time according to Oechslin, who not only curates the La Chaux-de-Fonds international watch museum, but also famously provides astronomical complications to Ulysse Nardin.
    Thanks to the availability of both displays, a third incredible element can also be shown on the timepiece's mother-of-pearl disk: the trend of global tide dynamics in relation to specific coastlines and oceans. Yet another first for horological pioneer Ulysse Nardin, Moonstruck is the first wristwatch to boast this capability.
    In-house development
    Moonstruck's Caliber 106 is a true Ulysse Nardin development and displays more typical elements than its astronomical functions: this automatic mechanism with about 50 hours of power reserve gets its timekeeping ability from an escapement and hairspring fully crafted in silicon. Additionally, it is also outfitted with the same GMT +/- function that graces many of Ulysse Nardin's creations: simply pushing the top button on the left side of the case sets the second time zone hand forward in exact one-hour increments. The button located directly below it performs the same task in the other direction.
    Moonstruck is available in a limited edition of 500 pieces in 18-karat red gold and 500 pieces in platinum. The case diameter is a stately 46 mm, and the watch is fittingly water-resistant to a full 100 meters.
    Technical horology
    Ulysse Nardin made its name back in the mid-1980s with astronomical complications conceived by Oechslin that were prompted by Schnyder, who saved Ulysse Nardin from going under in the quartz inundation of the 1970s and '80s. It, however, remains to be stressed that all of the pioneering work accomplished in the more technical aspects of horology that Ulysse Nardin has achieved since 1983 must be attributed to the extreme teamwork and talent of the entire staff, including technical director and engineer Gygax and movement designer Humair. It is this extraordinary interplay of the individuals that make up the content of Ulysse Nardin and allow the company's remarkable timekeepers to continue to have wearers and admirers all over the world become moonstruck on a regular basis.

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