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TAG Heuer can be traced back to the year 1860. It was not long before TAG Heuer watches became associated with superior timekeeping. Edouard Heuer founded his company, TAG Heuer, which set the standard for precision timepieces. The watchmakers of helped to TAG Heuer develop innovative stopwatches, chronographs, and water-resistant watch models at this time. In 1882 TAG Heuer invented many of the first chronograph watch models.
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  • TAG Heuer - Le MikrotourbillonS

    TAG Heuer's most ambitious luxury chronograph to date, the MikrotourbillonS is not only the world's fastest tourbillon: it is the first ever tourbillon on a 1/100th of a second chronograph that can be started and stopped, an audacious timepiece of peerless precision and virtuosic savoir-faire

    Even by TAG Heuer's own pioneering metrics, the dual-chain, double-barreled MIKROTOURBILLONS, is entirely off-the-chart extraordinary. The first tourbillon chronograph capable of certification-level precision timing, it is by far the fastest, most accurate and most breathtakingly beautiful tourbillon ever imagined.

    A tourbillon (French for 'vortex' or 'whirlwind') is the most intricate and iconic complication in haute horlogerie. An elaborate mechanical system for regulating the speed at which a watch 'beats', this ingenious complication overcomes the effects of gravity by placing the movement's balance wheel and escapement inside a rotating cage. Revolutionary when it was invented in 1801, modern precision techniques, many developed by TAG Heuer, have made it obsolete. Yet the tourbillon remains a classic 'novelty' feature of many high-end luxury watches because, in its ornate complexity, usually visible through a window in the dial, it is the ultimate attention getter—a showcase of watchmaker virtuosity.
    Beautifully complex but slow, imprecise and unnecessary: for these reasons, TAG Heuer, the most precision-driven, performance-obsessed of all the high-end luxury Swiss watch houses, had never made a tourbillon escapement watch.
    That is, until TAG Heuer's Science & Engineering department, in its pursuit of zero-tolerance chronograph precision, took up the challenge of reinventing the tourbillon, making it not just a delight to look at but, like all TAG Heuer creations, unbelievably fast, precise, and avant-garde. The result is a mechanical wonder that breaks all records for speed and accuracy, and sets the stage for the first-ever dual-certifiable chronograph.

    The MIKROTOURBILLONS has two rotating tourbillon mechanisms visible on its dial face, one for time telling and one for timekeeping. The first beats at 4 hertz — 28,800 beats per hour — and controls the ISO 3159 compliant watch; its hand sweeps the dial at a standard tourbillon speed of once a minute. The second, the world's fastest tourbillon, controls the 1/100th-of-a-second chronograph and is dynamically compensated to run at 50 hertz, meaning it beats at 360,000 beats per hour and rotates at a dizzying five seconds per revolution, or 12 times a minute. Another mind-numbing technical prowess: it has no cage and can be started and stopped thanks to the dual chain architecture.

    Since 1969, the year TAG Heuer launched the world's first automatic chronograph movement, coupling watch movement with chronograph function has become standard operation procedure. There is a serious "hitch", however, with this isochronous system: its wheel chain gear system increases energy loss.
    This is one of the greatest quandaries of chronograph design — how to keep chronograph operation from disrupting watch operation.
    A first avenue of research led to the TAG Heuer Calibre 360 in March 2005 with its additional module for the chronograph. Then the answer came with the TAG Heuer Mikrograph 1/100th of a second Chronograph in January 2011, ingeniously outfitted with two independent kinematic chains — one for the watch and one for the chronograph, integrated in the same movement.
    The MIKROTOURBILLONS is built with the same integrated movement with dual chain architecture, thereby eliminating the need for a clutch. Separating the watch chain from the chronograph chain eliminates the risks of the chronograph influencing the watch and vice-versa; but most importantly, it reduces energy loss and optimizes the precision of the chronograph's regulating organ. This dual chain architecture allows the all "MIKRO" timepieces (MIKROTOURBILLONS, MIKROGIRDER, MIKROTIMER and MIKROGRAPH) to be ISO 3159 compliant across the board. The MIKROTIMER and the MIKROGRAPH are already COSC certified — i.e. with the chronograph function running, a feat virtually impossible to achieve by conventional mono-frequency chronographs.

    The Carrera, TAG Heuer's iconic bestseller since 1963, was the obvious choice of case and finishing for this game-changing chronograph. The materials are noble: highly corrosive-resistant Tantalum with rose gold horns, sublime "Côte de Geneve" decoration and a sumptuous, hand-sewn soft-touch strap in alligator. The chronograph minute counter is at 3 o'clock, chronograph seconds at 6 o'clock and a power reserve at 12 o'clock. The once-a-second central flying hand displays 1/10th and 1/100th increments. A single crown at 3 o'clock winds the watch and the chronograph — the rotor winds the barrel on the watch movement, while the chronograph is manually charged. In total, there are 439 components in the movement, many of which are patent pending and all but the two hairsprings built in-house at TAG Heuer's manufacture in La Chaux-de-Fonds.
    Now TAG Heuer is working on a first-ever precision certification for chronographs to complement the COSC certificate for chronometers (watches).

  • TAG Heuer - Diversifying

    WORLDTEMPUS - 15 March 2011

    It's not easy for a brand to venture outside its core business. Many luxury brands have tried to be a respected name in the world of timepieces and failed to get the same level of success; on the other hand, several watch brands tried to capitalize on their prestige and expand business through product diversification - mainly with the creation of a jewelry line.
    The outcome has been mixed, but TAG Heuer can boast outstanding sales in its eyewear collection as well as a comprehensive line of accessories that include a mobile phone range and even leatherwear - all inspired by the brand's own codes, with designs signed by the same duo that has authored many of the brand's watches: Christoph Behling and Christophe Moinat.
    TAG Heuer calls its product diversification "avant-garde lifestyle accessories". "The word diversification doesn't describe exactly what we're doing," says Jean-Christophe Babin, the brand's dynamic CEO. "What we're doing is encapsulating TAG Heuer's unique spirit and heritage within a wider variety of products; it's a logical step as the success of the eyewear line and the Meridiist communication instruments proved that consumers are very receptive to new TAG Heuer product categories."

    The head of the recently created "lifestyle accessories" department is Eric San Miguel, previously with Cartier (accessories) before spending ten years in product development, marketing, and even customer service at TAG Heuer. "The department was formally created at the end of 2010. Cartier aside, there's not another watch brand capable of such product diversification; maybe the Swiss do not have the instinct to create a brand universe like the fashion labels so often do. Yes, it's been tried in the past, but with mitigated success."
    Inspired by watchmaking
    San Miguel underscores the fact that in the past decade TAG Heuer has been dwelling a lot on its past and reviving the Heuer label. "Actually, Heuer used to make accessories back in the '70s, from bags to jackets. Now we have three distinctive product lines, each translating a different aspect of the brand's heritage: the Vintage Collection is more Heuer-like, a '70s inspired line of Steve McQueen/Gulf racing jackets, travel bags, cufflinks and a brown weathered set of fine French leather goods. Then we have contemporary TAG Heuer products: the Business Classic Collection is understated and discretely branded. The Avant-Garde Racing Collection is a technical, sporty tribute to the brand's involvement with motor racing."
    One of the main assets of the accessories line is being able to share synergy with several watch industry suppliers (316L stainless steel, scratchproof sapphire crystal, leather straps, etc) and leather suppliers for other LVMH brands (Louis Vuitton) who provide materials for the phones, eyewear, cufflinks, buckles, belts, billfolds, wallets and business card holders.
    San Miguel insists that the advent of an accessories line "gives TAG Heuer a dynamic way to share its heritage and history through premium products that are representative of the brand's values. Accessories come in prices complementary to watches and are more accessible for gifting or moderately priced self-rewards."

    The ophthalmic eyewear and sunglasses are a huge success; today TAG Heuer sells one pair of glasses for every two watches and is the world leader in premium corrective frames for men. The Meridiist mobile phone line is also successful and almost the sole Vertu rival in the luxury segment.
    Core business, positioning and leadership
    Babin is happy: "I realized TAG Heuer had a huge potential beyond the watch business with Christian Viros, more than a decade ago. Watches have been our core business for the last 150 years and will continue to be so in the future. That said, our move into eyewear has been a great success with TAG Heuer now leading the men's high-end price segment worldwide. Our vision is to reproduce a similar phenomenon with accessories," he says.
    Diversification is good for brand visibility and Babin knows it's also good for business: "The accessories market is huge in size and developing quickly, with very few significant competitors in the men's market and certainly none that share TAG Heuer's unique positioning. The wider choice of products enables our customers to better understand the brand; it also attracts an entirely new range of customers and enriches and enlivens our boutiques."
    The brand's CEO also adds, "We're proud of our watchmaking heritage and the lifestyle accessories reflect that pride; in every mirror-polished and fine-brushed surface, in every innovative buckle mechanism and case design, they express the values that have put us on top. This new challenge also allows us to showcase our pioneering vision in an entirely new domain."
    The next chapter of diversification will soon open: TAG Heuer will unveil its first smartphone next week - at Baselworld.

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