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Perhaps best known for excellence in aviation watches, Breitling is legendary for precision and high quality control standards of all of their watches. Each Breitling model is 100% Swiss Made and COSC tested and approved, making Breitling the only major watch brand to subject all of its watches - both automatic and quartz - to this testing, the most rigorous of its kind. A favorite brand amongst watch collectors, Breitlings are marked by impeccable movements, clear, readable dials, superior water resistance, and sturdy, comfortable bracelets. They are truly the "instruments for professionals."
Overall rating: 3.5 stars - 2791 reviewsWe help you find (1278) items
We help you find (1278) items

Breitling Mens Related News

  • Watch Selection - The 12 watches of 2009

    WORLDTEMPUS - 30 decembre 2009

    Suscitant le rêve, enflammant le desir, et souvent chere, voire hors de prix, la montre incarne l'objet irrationnel. Et ce rôle devient son essence même puisque notre temps lui demande d'abord d'exprimer une personnalite, des goûts et des valeurs avant de donner l'heure - un rôle pleinement assume par la myriade d'appareils technologiques pointus qui nous entourent desormais.
    En 2009, plusieurs horlogers ou marques ont decide - sciemment ou non puisqu'il faut deux ans en moyenne pour developper et presenter une montre - de faire un pied de nez a un contexte economique plombe. Ils ont fait ce qu'on attend d'eux, c'est-a-dire donner un sens et un visage au futur. En pionniers, ils ont pointe de nouveaux caps ou repense des classiques. Des modeles fascinants, novateurs, curieux et parfois ephemeres ont ete mis sur le devant de la scene.

    Retrouvez la selection de Worldtempus et visionnez la galerie-photos.

    • Les 12 montres de 2009

     1. Opus 9 par Harry Winston
     2. Dual Tow par Christophe Claret
     3. Swatch Chrono Automatic par Swatch
     4. Lady First Chronograph par Patek Philippe
     5. C1 Quantum Gravity par Concord
     6. Hybris Mechanica Grande Sonnerie par Jaeger-LeCoultre
     7. Chronomat B01 par Breitling
     8. Moonstruck par Ulysse Nardin
     9. Seamaster Liquid Metal par Omega
    10. Monaco V4 par TAG Heuer
    11. Lange Zeitwerk par A.Lange & Söhne
    12. Arena Metasonic par Gerald Genta

    •  Voir la galerie-photos

  • Cvstos - Biography of Antonio Terranova

    CO-FOUNDER AND CHIEF DESIGNER A MARVELOUS BLEND OF CREATIVITY AND ERUDITION For some exceptional designers, the constant search for aesthetic and technical perfection is more than just a professional commitment. In the case of Antonio Terranova, it is a way of life, marked by a ruling passion for excellence and an uncompromising determination to achieve the highest standards of quality for Cvstos. Born in 1967 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, located in the heart of the Swiss watchmaking industry, he has been fascinated by beauty and design ever since childhood, perhaps a heritage from his Italian ancestry. At the age of 16, despite his fervent passion for designing timepieces, Antonio Terranova followed his parents' advice and spent six years in intensive study to become a micro-technical specialist. After graduation, he undertook professional training in order to finally follow his love of design and enter the enchanting world of horology. He started his career in the research department of a well-known company specializing in the machinery of watchmaking components. However, his creative instincts were so intense and overriding that he made a career move towards watchmaking design. His innate creativity encouraged him to design his own watch that he baptized naturally as Terranova N°1. Wearing it on his wrist, this timepiece became his business card as he started to search for a career in the field of horological design. In 1993 his exceptional talents were spotted by the technical director of Prodor SA and he was asked to join the company and take charge of technical developments regarding some product lines of the Cartier and the Piaget collections. His perfectionism and habitual sense of precision inspired and motivated him to explore new technical ideas and innovative solutions that have since been patented. In 1997, willing as always to take up a new challenge and put his immense reservoirs of creativity to test, Antonio Terranova joined the TAG-Heuer company in Marin and started working as a research and development technician for new products. During this professional experience he became better acquainted with the philosophy of teamwork management, which aims to unite a pool of various expertise and diverse talents during the creation of a new product line. Few years later, while working as a freelance designer for various major Swiss watchmaking brands such as Breitling, Ebel or Zenith, Antonio Terranova's passion for creating imaginative innovations in the world of timekeeping instruments increased in intensity and sophistication. He was resolved to turn his dreams into reality and create watches that would be a synthesis of his skills and unmatched experience. Finally, during spring 2004, Antonio Terranova's challenging concepts, boldly directed towards the future, became a reality. He could now create a new brand that would combine his designer skills with his sound technical knowledge. He realized this venture and created this opportunity with the active participation of one skillful partner: Sassoun Sirmakes, a dynamic entrepreneur with an incomparable flair for marketing. Together, they created Cvstos, a watchmaking brand based on a powerful original concept that heralds a new era of watchmaking while paying a rightful tribute to the prestigious heritage of traditional Swiss craftsmanship.

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