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Automatic Watches Related News

  • Cvstos - Event in the Land of the Rising Sun

    In presence of Dani Pedrosa, World Commerce Corporation, Cvstos's japanese exclusive distributer held a private cocktail, in Tokyo, for the official launch of the Challenge Dani Pedrosa GT in the Land of the Rising Sun.

    During the evening, the jewelery version of the Challenge Dani Pedrosa was unveiled to the public for the very first time. The audience had the chance to admire the piece, set with 74 sapphires (8.53 carats) from Madagascar and 15 black onyx (2.28 carats). With its brand new ornament , the Challenge Dani Pedrosa Baguette embodies the fusion of sportsmanship with timeless elegance.

  • Piaget - Limelight Dancing Light

    The four seasons of pleasure

    It takes a spring to herald a summer, autumn and winter. With the Limelight Dancing Light Collection, Piaget unfolds time in tune with seasonal whims. Its whirling, twirling decor sends the hours spinning in a magical dance. Flowers, bees, leaves and snowflakes adorn the dials, like the promise of a year punctuated by the ever changing faces of nature.

    All the art of which Piaget's craftsmen are so eminently capable is expressed here with the development of an invisible rotating system. The golden elements composing the decors dance around the hands, giving life to exquisite mother-of-pearl marquetry dials around which fairytale seasonal depictions pivot in a magical circle activated by each wrist movement. A discreet, subtle technique at the service of Piaget's creativity. 

    Spring awakens in a light, pastoral scene. Light butterflies in polished or gem-set gold flutter gracefully above a dial enhanced with flowers made of pink and green mother-of-pearl marquetry. Summer glows in the beams of the sun which is represented by a diamond-paved dial centre. Golden bees whirl against a sky-blue mother-of-pearl backdrop and forage in poppies strewn amongst ears of wheat. Autumn explodes amid a riot of colour. Leaves in polished or gem-set white, pink and yellow gold, dance a wild waltz above a pink mother-of-pearl marquetry dial. Winter sets the final touch to a colourful year. The polished or gem-set gold snowflakes perform an aerial choreography, as if seeking to alight delicately on blue-tinged mother-of-pearl exuding an icy gleam. Superluminova is used to enhance certain snowflakes on the dial in order to amplify the magic of the night. Winter's chilly tones are magnified by the sparkle of diamonds.

    The elegant and playful new Limelight Dancing Light collection sees the blossoming of a new artistic and technical treasure signed by Piaget. It comes in a 39 mm case fitted with a white satin strap. On these exquisite creations, time drifts by in step with the graceful gestures of a woman whose beauty transcends the passing seasons. 


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