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Jean-Marc Vacheron began the tradition in 1755 when he took basic materials and created a timekeeping masterpiece. Today, the legacy continues, and each piece undergoes the careful scrutiny of the Geneva office to ensure that the quality deserves the Hallmark of Geneva seal of approval. Excellence describes the precious metals and stones that go into the composition of each piece and the exquisite craftsmanship involved in the manufacturing process.
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We help you find (43) items

Vacheron Constantin Related News

  • Only Watch 2015 - Vacheron Constantin

    At the beginning of 2014, Vacheron Constantin unveiled its Metiers d'Art Mecaniques Ajourees collection. The four watches include a jewellery piece and feature a Grand Feu enamelled ring of different colours - grey, black and blue. For Only Watch 2015, Vacheron Constantin has created a unique piece, in white gold, adorned with a red enamelled ring.

    The Metiers d'Art Mecaniques Ajourees line links two worlds that evolved in similar ways in the late 19th century: architecture and watchmaking. Based on one of the stellar in-house movements, Calibre 4400, the sculptural timepieces, with their airy, transparent and finely arched construction exalting the art of openworking vividly evoke the large European railway stations symbolising the golden age of the industrial revolution. The engraver's technique is reinvented to resemble that of the sculptor, revealing fascinating light effects conveyed through a three-dimensional architecture enhanced by another artistic craft: that of Grand Feu enamelling.

    While the openworked architecture of Calibre 4400SQ reveals a wealth of fascinating hand-engraved work, it should in no way eclipse the technical performances of this mechanism. Beating at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour, the movement displays remarkable precision and offers a 65-hour power reserve. Nonetheless, the mechanical aspects alone are not the only features to meet the highest standards of Fine Watchmaking, since the entire model is certified by the Hallmark of Geneva.

    For Only Watch 2015, the Grand Feu enamelled ring of the unique piece has turned red. Furthermore, the openworked ONLY WATCH logo on the ring at 3 o'clock celebrates this charity event organized by the Monaco Yacht Show, Phillips' watch department and the Monaco Association Against Muscular Dystrophy.
    The inscriptions "2015" and "N°1/1" are engraved on the back of the timepiece, which is fitted with a black Mississippiensis alligator leather strap, with large square scales.

  • Vacheron Constantin - Floral Art Exhibition

    Vacheron Constantin is hosting a themed exhibition offering a prodigious demonstration of a vibrant heritage and which retraces the proliferation of floral art throughout the history of the Manufacture. A stroll through an array of timepieces showcasing the artistic crafts.
    Every six months, the Maison Vacheron Constantin, located on its famous small island in Geneva and which permanently displays a wealth of watchmaking masterpieces, travel trunks, machines and workbenches - all testifying to the epic saga of the Manufacture - is the scene of a new special exhibition that subsequently heads off to the Maison Vacheron Constantin in Shanghai.

    Extensively involved in the tricentennial of the birth of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Vacheron Constantin pays tribute here to a more intimate facet of the philosopher. Solitude and exile were recurrent factors in the career of the man who in later life found soothing comfort through his botanical studies. The garden was his paradise lost, and the herbarium his album of happy memories.

    Floral art has consistently inspired artists, be they painters, musicians, sculptors, or later photographers. Watchmakers have also succumbed to the charm of flowers, whether glowing in solitary splendour or in clusters, and which embody a universal delicacy. Associating them with watches, an ideal field of expression for the artistic crafts, was thus an entirely natural step.

    40 exceptional creations from the brand heritage have been selected for this exhibition based on three crafts: engraving, enamelling and stone-setting. These techniques have always been bly present at Vacheron Constantin. Witness the pocket-watch appearing in the first display and created just 25 years after the Manufacture was founded. The guilloche silver-toned dial is adorned with a floral decor in line (copperplate) and intaglio engraving, delightfully catching and holding the light (Ref. 10718).
    On each model, one or several time-honoured techniques are highlighted, including joue slanted-curve etching, performed with the burin held horizontally and which lends brilliance while enhancing the decor; and ramolaye, meaning pounced ornament modelling (Ref. 11313) achieved using a scorper and then smoothed with a riffler.

    Drawing on another technique, a silver pocket-watch features an astonishing niello-worked case (Ref. 11314). Niello, a mixture of lead, copper, silver, sulphur and ammoniac salt is applied as a paste to the model which is then fired in the enameller's kiln. The excess material is filed and the surface is smoothed down to reveal the plantlife motif. Other flowers reveal other techniques, such as the cloisonne enamel thistle motif (Ref. 10655) or the champleve enamel case graced with forget-me-nots.
    The section devoted to the setting of diamonds, turquoise or garnets offers an artist's palette of exquisite colours, such as on a yellow gold brooch-watch with an enamelled blue dial on which a flower blooms as if had just sprung up in the garden of Eden. (Ref. 10187).

    When contemplating the various masculine and feminine models in which aesthetic beauty is matched by equally substantial horological accomplishments, the natural affinity between flowers and the human eye becomes vividly apparent. It is further enhanced in this exhibition by a set of exceptional skills featuring boundless creativity dedicated to inspiring dreams and evoking powerful poetic memories. An invitation from Vacheron Constantin to meander through the flower-lined pathways of fine watchmaking.
    Tours of the exhibition in the company of Mr Jerôme Meier, Expert Watchmaker at Vacheron Constantin or Mrs Maude Fellay-Zimmermann, Heritage Manager. By appointment only. Tel. 022.930.20.05

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