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Georges Edouard Piaget established Piaget Watch Company in a tiny Swiss village in the Jura region way back in 1874. Piaget set the trend for breathtaking jeweled dress watches that elevated them to become a leading brand, appreciated by watch enthusiasts at a global level. His expertise became a hallmark that was instantly recognized, and the name Piaget started to soar beyond the imposing mountains of Neuchatel. Even after the founder’s passing, the brand never stopped on its path to achieve success and went on to register the trademark in 1943. Today, this treasured name in time wear stands as a testament to innovation of design and breathtaking visual appeal.
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We help you find (42) items

Piaget Related News

  • Piaget - Olivia Wilde Wears Piaget Diamonds

    Crafted in 18-carat white gold and set with 98 brilliant cut diamonds, the earrings feature an elegant embroidery motif inspired by the Couture. The earrings were the very same worn by Ms. Wilde's character, Suzy Miller, for her wedding scene in the film. Ms. Wilde also wore Piaget's Limelight New York necklace in 18-carat white gold and set with a total of 451 brilliant-cut diamonds and 41 blue sapphires and matching 18-carat white gold earrings set with 110 brilliant-cut diamonds and 28 blue sapphires. 

    "Rush" opens in theaters worldwide on September 27.


  • SIHH - Prudence is a virtue

    HH Magazine - 2 february 2012The watch industry held its first major gathering for 2012 in an ambivalent climate. European debt crisis, economic upturn in the US that has yet to pick up speed, and a slowdown in growth among the Asian tigers contrasted with the previous year's excellent performance by Swiss watches. At end November 2011, exports of Swiss timepieces had already exceeded the record level of 2008. Growth for the full twelve months is forecast at 20%, well in excess of CHF 18 billion (USD 19,6 billion / EUR 14,9 billion ). This ambivalence was reflected by the mood of cautious optimism at the 22nd Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH), held January 16th to 20th. Prudence continues to guide brands in the markets, as Philippe Leopold-Metzger, Chief Executive of Piaget, confirmed: "The headlong rush to launch new models isn't healthy. A brand must learn to resist."


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