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Maurice Lacroix has set itself a clear objective: both through consistent preservation of the long tradition of the Swiss watchmaking art and meeting its high standards, as well as creating, with its very own, innovative complications and movement developments, contemporary design and a heightened passion for detail and perfection, extraordinary timepieces. Those who appreciate lasting value derived from the synergy of traditional watchmaking, creative development work and the latest technology, as well as aficionados seeking the extraordinary know not to entrust valuable, irrecoverable time to just any timepiece but rather to a timepiece from Maurice Lacroix.
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We help you find (637) items

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  • Maurice Lacroix - Masterpiece Roue Carree Seconde

    For the fourth time in Monaco, unique watches will be sold at a charity auction for the benefit of the Monaco Association against Muscular Dystrophy - an institution for the treatment of children with muscular dystrophy. We are honored to present the Masterpiece Roue Carree Seconde, the unique timepiece created and donated by Maurice Lacroix for this year's Only Watch 2011 auction to be held on September 22, 2011.

    The watch is based on the 2010 design presented by Maurice Lacroix, the first square-wheel mechanism in the history of watchmaking! From an aesthetic perspective, the mechanism is an absolute eye-catcher, but it is also irresistible in the way that the innovative layout displays the passage of time. It gives the Masterpiece Roue Carree Seconde another dimension, a fascinating spectacle that draws the eye inexorably into its spell.

    Several years of intensive work lay behind the perfectly engineered square-wheel mechanism. It was developed by the watchmaker and engineer Michel Vermot, head of the development department at Maurice Lacroix. He worked in association with the Swiss Higher Education Institution, the Haute Ecole Arc, in Le Locle. Since, by definition, the gear profile of non-circular wheels cannot be regular, the shape of the teeth presented the greatest challenge in guaranteeing a constant transmission of power. The wheels were produced using silicon-machining technology to make very high-precision, lightweight and self-lubricating micro-components that cannot be manufactured with such quality using traditional production methods.

    The movement in the Masterpiece Roue Carree Seconde draws the eye inexorably into its spell. The regular movement of the square wheel, with its captivating geometric openwork shape, makes the small seconds hand come to life before the observer's very eyes. The square and cloverleaf-shaped wheels were specially made for this watch out of silicon, and decorated with a unique and inimitable pattern, with plays of color that change constantly with viewing angle, illumination or movement of the square and clover-leaf wheels (Sigatec SA®, Kamic SA®). But that is not the only exclusive and distinctive feature of this one-of-a-kind timepiece. In a detail included specially for collectors who take delight in the unusual, the Only Watch logo is featured on the square wheel - a little surprise that is visible only with the aid of a magnifying glass.

    The square wheel is driven by a toothed, cloverleaf-shaped wheel. Both wheels engage with the same precision as traditional round wheels. The constant, regular movement creates a wonderful visual spectacle.  

    To make the seconds hand more decidedly prominent, the hours and minutes are indicated by a centrally mounted hand. The power reserve indicator at 3 o'clock is the perfect completion to this well balanced arrangement. The hours, minutes and power reserve are featured directly on the main plate, which serves as the dial. A black, sand-blasted finish completes the embellishment. The case back has a large sapphire crystal offering a view of the elegant ML 156 mechanical movement, which is decorated with a Grand Colimaçon design in the finest Swiss watchmaking tradition.

    The Masterpiece Roue Carree Seconde for the Only Watch 2011 auction represents a breath-taking combination of technology and craftsmanship. It is an exciting blend of technology and aesthetics, lending a new face to time. It is uncompromisingly masculine and intentionally technological. Ready, too, to give real innovative impetus to the fight against muscular dystrophy.

    - Sand-blasted finish

    - Folding steel clasp with push-buttons

    - Developed in association with the HE-ARC, manufactured and assembled by Maurice Lacroix

    - ML 156 manually wound mechanical movement

    - Patented design (square wheel / cloverleaf-shaped wheel)

    - Small seconds indicated on square wheel at 6 o'clock

    - Hours and minutes indicated by centrally mounted hands

  • Hanhart - Thomas Morf

    After completing his basic technical education, Thomas Morf's career soon led him abroad, where he was responsible for managing projects focusing on the commissioning of thermal turbomachinery. He was then attracted to the IT business for a while, undertaking a period of on-the-job training to gain a qualification in business administration. As an ardent lover of timepieces, he moved to the Swiss watch brand Maurice Lacroix in 1995 and spent time living in the Far East in his capacity as the Director Asia/Pacific. Equipped with this valuable experience and knowledge, he joined the Bucherer Group in 2001 as CEO of Carl F. Bucherer. He not only developed the brand into an independent company within the group, but by taking advantage of the brand's own movements and manufacture workshops for producing mechanical calibres and functional modules, he also developed it into a widely recognised manufacturer.
    On 1 October 2010, Thomas Morf took over as CEO of the watch brand Hanhart, which has its registered offices in Diessenhofen in the Swiss Canton of Thurgau and in Gutenbach, Germany. He is also a shareholder in the company.
    Tradition and expertise in precision timekeeping
    The Swiss-German watch brand Hanhart is known for its high-precision, 100% reliable and robust instrument watches for use in the air, on the land and on the sea. It combines cutting-edge Swiss and German knowledge and skills with the long-standing tradition and expertise of its own manufactory, which has its origins in the watch business established by Johann A. Hanhart in Diessenhofen in 1882. The company, which remains the leading manufacturer of premium timepieces to this very day, not only launched the first affordable mechanical stopwatch in 1924, but it also began manufacturing wristwatches at an early stage at its production site in Gutenbach, southern Germany. These included the single-button "Calibre 40" chronograph as well as the legendary "Calibre 41" and "Tachy Tele" pilot's chronographs, which date back to 1939. These chronographs are steeped in history, and today their replicas have become coveted collector's pieces and connoisseur's items for those with a penchant for fine precision watches.The design and technology of the Pioneer watch models are based on Hanhart's long tradition and its legendary chronographs. They therefore include features such as the unmistakable red reset button, the typical "bicompax" dial design as well as the asymmetrical button arrangement - which has been the trademark characteristics of the brand's chronographs right from the start. Just like all Hanhart watches, they stand out thanks to their perfect functionality and immaculate readability.Working in close collaboration with the brand's own manufacture workshops in Gutenbach and highly specialised suppliers from the Swiss watch sector, a new, progressively designed collection of mechanical chronographs was developed under the name "Primus" in 2009. It combines historical features - such as the unmistakeable red button, which has distinguished Hanhart watches since 1939 and was previously intended to prevent pilots from unintentionally resetting the stop time - with the latest technology and progressive design. The Pilot, Racer and Diver models are based on the brand's core competence: competence: high-precision, extremely reliable and robust instrument watches for use in the air, on the land and on the sea.High-quality mechanical stopwatches under the name ClassicTimer, manufactured over several production stages in the Gutenbach factory, still represent a key product segment for Hanhart. Used in the past at all the important motor races, today these stopwatches are most popular among ambitious vintage car rally drivers.Over the next few years, the further expansion of Hanhart's home markets of Germany and Switzerland as well as key export markets will become increasingly important. Both the wristwatches and the mechanical stopwatches from the ClassicTimer collection are already available from selected specialist retailers in many countries.

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