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Jacob & Company has been producing luxury watches for a quarter of a century. Perhaps due to the extravagance of diamond details, these watches have become a celebrity favorite, particularly amongst hip-hop stars. The most famous of the Jacob & Company designs features five different time zones on one over-sized dial - New York, LA, Paris, Tokyo, and the wearer's local time. Jacob & Co. watches sometimes house over 30 carats of diamonds and other precious stones on the dial, making these timepieces a luxury statement piece as well as a watch.
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We help you find (34) items

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  • Jacob & Co - Baselworld 2014: As spectacular as ever

    The Astronomia tourbillon is instantly impressive with its 47 mm-diameter case enhanced with pink gold is inspired by the architecture of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York. Its structure features a polycarbonate-based composite material strengthened with diamond dust to form a material that is as hard and resistant as steel while four times lighter. The bly domed, almost hemispherical sapphire crystal offers a spectacular view of a particularly airy modular construction that exercises almost magical powers when set into motion.

    Constant rotation

    First and foremost, the four peripheral modules - tourbillon, hours and minutes dial, Earth and Moon - are fitted on a four-armed carrier that keeps them perpetually circling the rim of the case. A complete rotation takes 20 minutes.

    The tourbillon is an inherently rotating system that in this instance spins on two additional axes. Not only does it turn around its own axis in one minute, like traditional models, but also once every five seconds around the axis of the arm carrying it. The show is all the more impressive in that the tourbillon carriage houses a large balance oscillating at the sedate pace of 18,800 vibrations per hour.

    Opposite the tourbillon is an openworked hours and minutes dial rendered perfectly readable by a clever animation principle. As the central carrier sweeps it up in its circular motion, it maintains the same direction with the figure XII remaining at the top of the disc. The compensatory rotation is based an original differential mechanism specifically developed for the Astronomia.

    The mobile composition is complemented by two globes representing the Earth and the Moon, which pivoting on the tip of its respective arm at a rate of one full turn every 60 seconds. The Earth is made of white gold, with translucent blue enamel surfaces depicting the oceans; while the moon takes the form of a superb 56-facet briolette-cut diamond.

    The sight is never exactly the same, instead constantly evolving against an aventurine backdrop portraying a night sky studded with stars. To set the finishing touch to this impressive technical feat, movement winding and time-setting are handled via a lever concealed inside in the case-back.

    Variations on the skeleton theme
    In parallel, Jacob Arabo continues to create skeleton watches combining an extremely sophisticated ancestral watchmaking techniques - that of openworking movement parts without impairing the quality of their smooth interaction - with daring contemporary designs. The 2014 new launches notably feature the Racing versions of the Epic X model. The movement unveiled last year is distinguished by a girder-type structure offering a clear view of the vertically aligned barrel and balance. Its openworking was factored in right from the development stage, thus ensuring its remarkable integration with the overall aesthetic. The sporting nature of the Epic X Racing models is reinforced by the use of vivid 'pops' of colour on the cases, featuring inserts in rubber on the beadblasted satin-brushed titanium versions, and in neoralithe on the black DLC-coated titanium variations. With a choice of red, blue, orange or white, everyone can opt for their own racing stable.

  • Jacob & Co. - Jacob Arabov, founder of Jacob & Co.

    Roberta Naas: What are the key products you are expanding with this year?
    Jacob Arabov: "This year marks a new direction for Jacob & Co. We have been working very hard on new timepiece collections. We are really excited and looking forward to presenting them at BaselWorld. There are about 10 different watch families. Some families, like the Grand collection, have been evolving. For the Grand, we have the addition of a breathtaking baguette diamond set version - the most complicated diamond setting ever done on a watch. The Brilliant Ladies collection presented last Basel will also include new references in three case sizes with dial and color variations. Last but not least, we are coming with different mechanical novelties."

    Can you give details of perhaps two of your favorite timepieces being released?
    "This is not an easy question. Honestly there are more than two, as we are coming with quite a number of surprises. One (which has been top secret until BaselWorld) is a world-first mechanical watch. The other one is the GHOST watch - a multi-time-zone GPS digital timepiece. This is the result of two years of research and development. The Ghost watch perfectly represents the pioneering and innovative spirit of the brand. It is the ideal companion for a wide range of consumers from collectors to successful entrepreneurs and the jet setters of today's cosmopolitan society."
    What were the challenges inherent in the making of these timepieces and how did you overcome them?
    "As said earlier, the Ghost is the result of 2 years of research and development. This digital multi-time-zone model features 20 different time zones and their cities. The entire matrix synchronizes via a GPS system. This is a very unique timepiece. The digital movement only contains 103 components for a total weight of 12 grams. Keeping such a weight, and fitting the latest available technology and GPS system within a 14mm-thick case was one of the main technical challenges. The other main complexity in this watch is its LCD display. We had to have a customized LCD driver microchip developed, in order to manage the complex display: 5 different screens, 20 different time zones with city names, 7 different display colors (white, green, blue, orange, purple, red and yellow). Despite all these complexities, the Ghost timepiece is in fact very easy to use."

    Are you excited about the new hall/setup at Baselworld? And what have you done with your booth?
    "Of course, this year is really exciting! This will be our 10th year exhibiting at BaselWorld. This year we have moved to a new location: Hall 1.1 booth 31 and we have expanded to almost 600 square meters to feature our latest jewelry and timepiece collections. The style of the booth is also new this year, taking its inspiration from New York and the Art Deco period."
    Is your business, marketing or distribution strategy changing in any way?
    "Our core strategy remains the same: to please and surprise our customers with innovative pieces and unconventional designs, while pursuing the quest for excellence in quality and relying on centuries-old Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship and techniques.  We are working to strengthen our position in our key markets while further developing distribution worldwide. So it really does go back to producing great timepieces, working with great retail partners, and backing it all with a b marketing campaign so the world knows about Jacob & Co."

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