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Hublot is a Swiss watch company, founded upon the idea of fusion. In January of 1980, Carlo Crocco designed the first-ever natural rubber watch straps. He attached them to gold, porthole-shaped cases, creating an interesting juxtaposition of precious and ordinary materials. The combination earned an impressive $2 million in its first year on the market, and has been exponentially growing ever since. In 2005, the debut of the Hublot Big Bang chronograph tripled sales, and Hublot currently produces one of the world's most expensive watches, the Hublot Big Bang $5 million. The porthole-shaped case, for which the brand was named, continues to be a mark of the Hublot watch, along with cases made of precious materials, such as gold, platinum and titanium, and straps made of high grade rubber. With this distinct combination, Hublot are some of the most recognizable watches on the market.
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We help you find (136) items

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  • LVMH - Good first half

    LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the world's leading luxury products group, recorded revenue of €13.7 billion in the first half 2013, an increase of 6%. Organic revenue growth was 8%. The Group continued to experience good momentum in the US and Asia, and continues to grow in Europe in a more difficult economic environment. With organic growth of 9%, the second quarter showed some acceleration compared to the first quarter.
    Profit from recurring operations for the first half of 2013 rose to €2 712 million, an increase of 2% compared to the same period in 2012. Current operating margin reached 20%. Group share of net profit amounted to €1 577 million.
    Watches & Jewelry
    LVMH owns TAG Heuer, Zenith, Hublot, Chaumet, Bulgari, De Beers et FRED.
    In the first half of 2013, the Watches & Jewelry business group recorded organic revenue growth of 1%, to €1310 million. Profit from recurring operations decreased by 2%, to €156 million.
    The Group explains the lower first half growth by restrained purchasing by watch retailers and the voluntary closure of certain multi-brand points of sale.

  • Hublot - Hublot LaFerrari : hyperwatch

    The automobile and watchmaking alliance yields fruit of many sizes and varying degrees of intensity. One end of the spectrum features standard watches featuring a dial simply bearing a car manufacturer's logo; while the other involves partnerships so extensive that watch and car jointly reach unprecedented technical heights. Such is the case for Hublot and Ferrari. Hublot has indeed pulled out all the stops to salute the release of the LaFerrari model, probably the world's most impressive car. Its Masterpiece MP-05, duly nicknamed LaFerrari, is also a technical and design monster.
    Upping the ante
    On my right, a vehicle that supersedes the notion of a supercar. 1225 kg, a 6.3 litre V12 engine delivering 800 hp, coupled with a 163-hp electrical engine and featuring a HY-KERS (hybrid kinetic energy recovery system). Capable of reaching 300 kph in less than 15 seconds, it is issued in a limited edition of just 499. It outshines all its competitors and puts Ferrari firmly in pole position within the realm of sports cars. On my left… a model that naturally called for focusing on other kinds of assets, since the notion of power does not really exist in watchmaking. Electric energy has no place in a high-end (or indeed mid-range) watch movement, and a 499-piece limited edition is not at all exclusive for a superlative watch. So Hublot shifted the parameters by introducing its HUB9005.H1.6 calibre endowed with the world's highest autonomy for a wristwatch. Its 11 barrels keep it operating for a massive 50 days without being rewound. To ensure it runs as it should, this energy is regulated by a transverse tourbillon appearing on the front vertical face in accordance with a trademark Hublot construction style. Only 50 of these watches will be released.
    Striking similarities
    It is however on the design side that the likenesses are most apparent. While the two objects do not necessarily literally resemble each other, they are clearly governed by the same spirit. The LaFerrari is all about subtly sinuous curves designed to facilitate air intake. The black PVD-coated titanium case of the Hublot features a rare, eminently virile and complex shape dictated by the movement structure. And just as the LaFerrari displays its engine through the rear window, the Hublot watch also reveals its inner workings. In lieu of the car's cylinders, it proudly exhibits its 11 longitudinal barrels. Instead of a rev counter, it displays its power reserve, along with hours and minutes appearing on cylinders and taking up the little remaining space beneath the sapphire crystal. In both instances, data overrides other concerns and determines a raw expression of power and performance.

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