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Drawing on over 165 years of watch-making history, Glashutte Original manufactures exquisitely engineered, luxury watches that excel in both precision and aesthetic appeal. Operating its own manufacture in the German town from which it draws its name, Glashutte watches are made of 95% in-house parts - a rarity for a luxury watch company.
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  • Glashutte Original - Senator Cosmopolite, perfectly universal

    A worldtime watch is by definition a tricky exercise. There is nothing simple about wanting to display local time in all time zones around the globe. Firstly, there are 37 of them in all, and not 24 as people are inclined to think. Moreover, some of them adopt the summer/winter time change. Finally, the wealth of information on their dials usually makes this type of watches look overcrowded and excessively "busy". The Senator Cosmopolite by Glashutte Original delivers a simple answer to each of these three issues.

    Firstly, it is readable. The reference time zone, often called 'home' time, appears in a subdial at 12 o'clock, while local 'away' or destination time is displayed via central hands sweeping the finely grained main dial. Since they show the time in 24 time zones, worldtime watches tend to display them all simultaneously - which requires 24 dial segments, together with a local time disc. To ensure this bewildering array of information remains legible, colour codes are often used to differentiate between tiny inscriptions. This leads to excessively large watches with unpalatable colours and which still require a magnifying glass to make out the details. By way of contrast, the Senator Cosmopolite is monochrome and pleasingly uncluttered.

    What's more, this simplicity is very real. The watch shows the time in one time zone at a time, through apertures positioned at 8 o'clock. In some instances, it displays the time of two neighbouring time zones when they share the same time due to summer time (Daylight Saving Time or DST) or winter time (Standard Time, STD). Otherwise, one of the apertures remains empty. Instead of bizarrely abbreviated city names, the Senator Cosmopolite uses the three-letter IATA codes referring to the airports of the reference city for each time zone. Local time and reference time each has its own day/night indicator.

    Thirdly, this watch is exhaustive. Since there are 37 time zones and only 24 times, 13 of the time zones are offset by a half-hour, or even a quarter-hour such as Katmandu which is located at UTC + 04:45 hours. Most models on the market have only 24 time zones and are incapable of showing local times with a dedicated minutes display that is adjustable as required. The Senator Cosmopolite can be adjusted to the nearest quarter-hour. Whatever time it is, when changing time zone, the large minutes hand jumps in 15-minute increments, meaning it can accurately display the time anywhere in the world.

    This white or pink gold watch adopts a very classical style typical of the Saxon brand. It is driven by a base movement with a three-quarter mainplate - a rare characteristic - and featuring a hand-engraved double balance cock with duplex swan-neck fine adjustment, as well as an exclusive complication module. The latter first appeared in the Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon, a Grand Complication watch that Glashutte Original had launched in 2012. Drowning in an ocean of prestige, its worldtime function had not enjoyed the prominence it deserved.

    The last point worth mentioning extends well beyond mere functionality. The Senator Cosmopolite is elegant. It offers a variety of indications without getting overcrowded and has a simple case which, despite its 44 mm diameter, avoids invading the wrist thanks to its vertical caseband. It is endowed with a 72-hour power reserve that affords a comfortable degree autonomy and thus adopts the standard met by most Glashutte Original watches.

  • Glashutte Original - First boutique in Germany

    More than 100 guests accepted the invitation from Lothar Schlichting, brand manager for Germany, and Sebastian Prinz, manager of the new boutique, to be among the first visitors to see the brand's new Dresden venue.
    Celebrating this latest important milestone for Glashutte Original together with managing director Yann Gamard and vice president of sales Dieter Pachner were many guests from politics and business, friends of the company, representatives from local and trade press and media as well as business partners and customers.

    Among honoured guests at the opening were Ms. Andrea Dombois, vice president of the Saxon state assembly, and Dirk Hilbert, the mayor of the City of Dresden.
    In her comments to the assembled guests, Ms. Dombois, who maintains close ties with the Region and City of Glashutte, highlighted the achievements of the Manufactory in the last two decades along with its continuing steady growth.

    The Glashutte Original success story was good news not just for watch connoisseurs round the world, but also benefited the cities of Glashutte and Dresden through creation of new, high-value jobs.
    The opening of a modern flagship boutique in the heart of the Saxon capital would attract not only those interested in watches; the boutique would also prove a remarkable attraction for visitors to Dresden in general, who would be able to observe German perfection and Saxon craftsmanship at close range.
    Following the heartfelt comments by Ms. Dombois, the opening ceremony itself began; Yann Gamard thanked all of the Glashutte Original employees for their efforts and introduced Dieter Pachner, who took great pleasure in presenting a symbolic golden key to the new boutique's manager.
    Sebastian Prinz, an experienced watch salesman and head of the three-person team, was clearly moved as he accepted, with thanks, the key and best wishes from his colleagues.
    Dieter Pachner, Andrea Dombois and Yann Gamard then stepped forward to cut the silk ribbon separating them from their guests, and declared the boutique officially open.
    Choice of Location
    Following an extensive search for the optimal location, the company chose the QF Passage in the heart of Dresden.
    The new 100 m2 boutique, the first in Germany to implement the renowned brand's current boutique concept, welcomes visitors in a unique way, inviting them to discover the art of watchmaking from Glashutte through a multimedia approach.

    The atmosphere of the new shop in the Töpferstraße 4 is purposefully transparent and welcoming. Glass walls on two sides offer visitors a clear view of the interior, and shoppers may also enter from both sides of the boutique.
    The signature look of the new salesroom presents the German Manufactory's values: technical perfection, modern design and timeless elegance. Carefully chosen materials, an assured and stylish interior and the clearly contemporary concept render the Saxon watch brand's essential features both visible and tangible.
    The design of the boutique is clearly minimalist and its combination of dark moor oak, beige enamel surfaces and light-coloured leather creates a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. The interior's soft, flowing forms enclose the space within a perfect frame.
    Interaction welcome
    The new space in Dresden resembles an interactive exhibition of the art of German watchmaking more than it does a traditional boutique.
    Given its proximity to company headquarters in Glashutte, the concept placed particular emphasis on the presentation surfaces.
    The "handmade in Germany" quality so evident in the Manufactory had to be equally apparent to boutique visitors in Dresden. This led to the construction, exclusively for the Töpferstraße venue in Dresden, of a special "Manufactory Wall".
    A large magnifying glass gives visitors an opportunity to admire, in the form of fascinating watches - from the smallest of watch components to simple sub-assemblies - the Saxon watchmaker's milestones.
    Short films highlighting aspects of the production process enhance the visitor's insights into the microcosm of a watch.
    In a luxuriously appointed lounge area the interior designer has installed an innovative presentation system in the form of two complementary plasma screens.
    The interactive system is controlled by a touchpad built into a table in the lounge.
    The visitor can select a variety of topics, including high-resolution images from the Glashutte Original collection as well as videos showing the company and the production of its high-end "Handmade in Germany" timepieces.
    All questions from boutique visitors are handled by a competent and multilingual team.
    To ensure that customers are offered optimal service, team members attended a training course lasting several weeks at the Manufactory in Glashutte.
    In future a watchmaker will join them at the boutique, further enhancing service by handling matters involving warrantees, maintenance and repair.


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