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Ebel is named for husband and wife team Eugene Blum and Alice Levy, who began their business in 1911 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Blum brought the technical expertise necessary to produce watches of a high caliber, and Levy contributed her skill in high jewelry design. These are the attributes that have earned Ebel watches several awards, including the "Diplome Commemoratif de Grand Prix" and the "Diplome d'Art et Technique" in Parisian high end jewelry trade shows. During World War II, Ebel became the official supplier for the Royal Air Force of the British Army, proving their watches to be as dependable as they are beautiful.
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Ebel Related News

  • Ebel - Brasilia Gold

    Brasilia, the dainty watch-making gem, displays its assets with an undeniably sensual charm by adopting the glowing radiance of yellow gold to highlight its personality. Its femininity is revealed within a rectangular case featuring soft lines that are further accentuated by the peerless comfort of the bracelet. Its face is adorned with a refined central guilloche pattern gently caressed by two faceted blue hands.

    Roman numerals mark the hours, and the gaze is naturally drawn to EBEL's initial, subtly placed at 3 o'clock and softly merging into the circular motion of time.

    A gem-set version further enhances the inherent elegance of the watch with two rows of diamonds. The new Brasilia is both classic and contemporary - a perfect reflection of the dual nature of this century-old brand on which time has no hold.

  • Rebellion - T-1000

    After the successful presentation in January of The Predator, their first watch with a round case, Rebellion launched themselves into the creation of a never-before-realized challenge: creating a watch with a power reserve of more than 1,000 hours!

    The T-1000 - birth of a challenge
    It was in June 2008, after the famous 24 hours of Le Mans car race, in an atmosphere rich with the smell of motor oil and hot engines, that the team at Rebellion thought, "If we can transform these fine-tuned racing thoroughbreds into 24-hour long distance endurance racers, why not do the same with a watch? Why not see just how long the power reserve could be?"
    Sporting a body of pure design

    The body of the T-1000 was designed in a collaboration of Eric Giroud and Rebellion. The case was developed concurrently with the movement to ensure completely harmonious integration.
    There is a sensation of flying as the viewer gazes down through the massive opening to the vertical roller-borne time indications below. Attention then plunges towards 6 o'clock, where the inclined double balance releases the immense power at a precisely controlled rate.
    A window in the side of the case reveals one of the mainspring barrels, with markers providing a natural "Fuel Gauge" of the state of the power reserve.
    Controlling the power
    Housed three on each side of the body are the six mainspring barrels providing T-1000 with its colossal energy reserve. The over-sized winding lever endows the T-1000 with a b and virile identity as well as an ergonomically tactile pleasure while "filling the tank".
    The streamlined downward taper of the case from the centre to 6 o'clock furnishes further evidence of Rebellion's car racing pedigree. A pedigree reinforced by the fact that a patented time-setting clutch activated by a push button in the crown makes setting the time as simple (and as pleasurable) as changing gears.
    The three rounded structures each side of the case provide a hint to the complex engineering within, while the innovative architecture of the majestic case is in perfect tune with the demand for exceptional contemporary horology.
    A true racing machine
    The power reserve of more than 1,000 hours is possible thanks to the six mainspring barrels that provide the T-1000 with its exceptional capacity. In a patented system of energy distribution, six barrels are wound in parallel via a central prop shaft driving two chains, but they discharge in series (2 x 3) to optimize a regular power supply to the regulator. The technical ability behind the realization of this elegant technical solution came directly from Rebellion's long experience in endurance car racing and the Rebellion Racing team.
    Technical Specifications
    Limited edition : 100 pieces
    Calibre : REB T-1000, manual winding with integrated winding lever
    Jewels : 14 ceramic & 22 rubies
    Balance : double hairspring inclined at 39°
    Winding system : Patented system of six mainsprings wound in parallel by chain and prop shaft. The barrels discharge power in series to provide an optimal torque curve.
    Indications : hours and minutes displayed on rollers
    Power reserve : 1'000+ hours provided by six (2 x 3) vertical mainspring barrels
    Power reserve indicator via window to the left central mainspring barrel
    Number of components : 693 for the chassis
    Balance frequency : 18'000 bph (2.5Hz)
    Material : case in titanium and chassis in aluminium
    Dimensions : 46,7 mm X 46,9 mm / 19,5 mm
    Crown : time-setting mechanism using patented push-button clutch system
    Water resistance : 50 metres
    Strap : black alligator leather
    Buckle : patented folding clasp with micrometric push button regulation allowing easy adjustment of length on the wrist.

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