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Ball Watch is an American watch company with headquarters in Switzerland. The founder of Ball Watch, Webb C. Ball, was the first jeweler to use Standard Time time signals in 1883 and subsequently held important positions in the railroad industry. Ball established guidelines for the manufacturing of precision timepieces, including resistance to magnetism, reliability of time keeping in 5 positions, isochronism, power reserve and dial arrangement.
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We help you find (268) items

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  • Cvstos - Challenge Jet-Liner Daedalus

    In the tradition of the JETLINER collection, relentless in the pursuit of lightness, Cystos presents a new version of the model Challenge Jet-Liner: Challenge Jet Liner GT - Daedalus Edition. Having studied the case and movement of the watch, it is with a new dial that this indispensable model is presented… gaining still more in lightness to give a more eye-catching appearance.
    This novelty is inspired by the know-how of DAEDALVS, the architect, craftsman and sculptor of incomparable genius in Greek mythology.

    Born in Athens of royal descent, DAEDALVS roamed the Mediterranean, fleeing the royal palace of KNOSSOS in Crete where he was held prisoner. This complex building was one of his greatest creations, commissioned by King Minos and better known as the labyrinth, guarded by a monster with the body of a man and the head of a bull, more commonly called the Minotaur.
    In Greek mythology this architectural monument figures in several stories including:
    « The Minotaur »
    « Theseus and Ariadne's ball of thread »
    « The flight of Icarus »
    It was with the aid of wings made of feathers and wax for the structure ( consisting of beehive shelves) that he made his flight from the island of Crete together with his son ICARVS. The latter, exhilarated by the flight, disobeyed his father and rose so high in the sky that the heat of the sun fatally melted the wax of his wings… he plunged into the sea… and was drowned.
    DAEDALVS found refuge in Sicily, with King KOKALOS. In exchange for his protection KOKALOS, in his matchless vanity, demanded a palace as ostentatious and majestic as that of King Minos. In order to impress the king, DAEDALVS produced a number of works. In particular he created for the king's daughter, Aphrodite of Erice, a golden jewel whose shape and structure recreated the shelves of the beehive. History recounts that the perfection in the execution of this jewel made it impossible to distinguish how such a result was obtained, so amazing was the degree of realism. Legend has it that this jewel, both exceptional and unique, was made from a plaster mould originating from a real honeycomb.
    DAEDALVS had just invented the technique of investment casting…
    Homage to DAEDALVS
    This new version of the mythical Challenge Jet Liner with its metallic dial stretches to the limits the technologies applied, paying homage to DAEDALVS.
    The brand's spirit of genius creates an innovative process of laser cutting without deformation either for the honeycomb structure or for the railway of the dial's minute circle, sculpted from a solid, the latter coming from a titanium sheet of two tenths of a millimetre…
    That's it! « CVSTOS TECHNOLOGY »
    CVSTOS reaffirms its respect for the ancestral expertise of the master watchmakers, the guarantee of its ability to apply avant-garde technologies in perfect harmony with watchmaking tradition.

  • Ball Watch - The new Engineer Hydrocarbon

    Today, the brand has instilled it with renewed vigor. For this youthful makeover, the Research & Development team has applied all its technological expertise, its knowledge of materials and the readability standards inherited from the brand's founder.
    Several components have been modified and improved, including the rotating bezel. It has retained its unidirectional function, its notch calibrated at 30 seconds as well as its virile and robust design. However, it has been made slightly wider and flatter making it much easier to manipulate even when wearing gloves. Loyal to its easy night reading function, Ball Watch has equipped the Hydrocarbon bezel with an H3 marker inserted in a protective container at 12 o'clock. Further, the graduation from 0 to 14, along with the digits 15, 30 and 45 all have very powerful luminescent paint emitting a blue glow.

    The triple folding clasp and its extension, patented by Ball Watch, is a pure distillation of innovation. To improve the strength and durability of this clasp, it is machined from a single block of 316L stainless steel. To ensure optimum ergonomics, the clasp's balance is perfect and the unfolding components are spread evenly under their cover; and a 22-millimeter extension system has been added on both sides of the bracelet so that the watch can be worn over sports gear. Opening and closing operations can be performed single-handedly. The clasp operates with a robust locking mechanism enabling it to withstand extreme traction forces when in the closed position.
    The crowning technical touch in this watch is its chronometer-certified ETA 2836 movement, with day and date calendar, delivering extreme precision.
    The Ball Watch Engineer Hydrocarbon exudes unrivalled character that transforms its wearer into an unmistakable hero. It goes where he goes, cleaved to his wrist, leaving all others in its wake! Its ergonomic design means the wearer can forget about it and just focus all his attention on his current mission. The Ball Watch ambassador Brian Binnie, former US Navy pilot and astronaut, is well placed to report back on this particular point. It was this watch that he chose to accompany him out where gravity loses its hold, into infinite space where the earth is just a panorama separated from the immense blackness by a blue ribbon. Out there, Brian Binnie found the ultimate freedom. Ball Watch is proud to be associated with the greatest of human endeavors and pays homage to this expedition by equipping the dial of the Spacemaster model with luminescent gas tubes emitting a blue glow.


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